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Stephen Wisdom Glass Artist


Stephen has been working

with the glass medium

since 2012.


He soon began designing

his own panels, 

sun-catchers and colourful 

artwork eventually branching out into framed art and lamps.


His works are vibrant and fun and in most cases the more colour the better!

Stephen strives on pushing boundaries.

He creates his pieces with striking visuals in mind using glass in a way that shows how versatile this medium can be.

The concept of static art is turned on its head with designs that are almost brought to life by transforming simple flat panels into 3D objects such as The Cube Lamp© - an original Coat of Glass Studio design.

Psychedelic Jimi Hendrix demonstrates how a craft piece may at first glance appear one dimensional but is unexpectedly transformed into a dynamic work of art through colour and light.

Stephen is available for commission work.


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