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Crafty Beggars in the House Stained Glass Courses, Workshops and Classes in London


Stephen has taken part in the making of the

More 4 show: 'Craft: I Made This'

as a behind the scene consultant.


He provided assistance as a stained glass artist

and as a teacher, tutoring show host

Clemency Green on how to make The House

Terrarium, a Coat of Glass original design.


Click here  for a show review by the  

'Homemaker Blog'.



Coat of Glass has also appeared on the show

'Crafty Beggars in the House' broadcasted on the

Community Channel.


Stephen demonstrated how to make a

mini panel with Wendy and Julie and briefly spoke

about his workshop by showing several pieces and examples.


For infos on how to book Coat of Glass for an event or tv work please email

Erika at

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